Photo pendants are handcrafted using your images.  Editing and cropping are included.  If you sent us a hard-copy photograph it will be returned to you in the original condition.  If the photo you submit is not a good quality, blurry or over exposed then the image on the pendant will be the same.  Photographs taken by a Professional are always the best!  Just e-mail for suggestions or opinions.  

Photo pendants are durable.  They are made to last!  During the process pendants are coated with UV-Resistant coating.  This prevents fading and yellowing over time.  The resin is moisture-resistant, water-proof, scratch-resistant, durable and acts as a shield to protect the image. 

Life Warranty

If your photo pendant makes it's way into a clothes dryer then it is doomed!  The heat from the dryer will cause it to morph and soften.  If this has happened to you contact us so we can begin making a replacement for you at *no additional cost.  Original image will be used.  Each order is uniquely customized.

*All Custom Photo pendants include a Life Long warranty.  Replacement pendant will be made with original image ordered.  This Warranty excludes add-ons, Sterling chains, Rubber cords, Crystals, any charms or additional embellishments.  Enjoy your custom made keepsake!  


As of November 2017 processing an order to completion is 3 days plus shipping time.

All packages are shipped United States Postal service with delivery confirmation and tracking.  Orders are packaged well to withstand inclement weather while en-route to you. 


Hand-stamped charms are made to order be specific, detailed and picky about your order prior to submission.  All hand-stamped charms are unique and no two are alike.  The Sterling silver charms are hand-stamped not made by a machine.  We currently use .925 Sterling silver and Argentium Silver which is a high quality, tarnish-free Sterling silver metal.


Interested in bulk ordering?  We can help you with that!  To receive a quote contact us



Tammy M. Saelao